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 PROJECT: Overdrive pedal based on SansAmp GT2 & Marshall Guv'Nor


This effect was based on a couple of wonderful guitar devices: SansAmp GT2 (by Tech21) & Guv'Nor (by Marshall). The Overdrive section were taken from SansAmp and Tone-control (EQ) section were taken from Guv'Nor. Following features were added: hi-impedance (1 MOhms) INput to decrease pickup's signal degradation and bufferred low-impedance OUTput to match for any next circuits (long cables, low-impedance mixer's INput and so on). Scheme is deprived next flaws of SansAmp: pops on switching on/off of the effect, strong noise in pauses, no "mid" control EQ.

Wiring diagram see here:

Wiring diagram

There're some photos of my version of SansMarshall:

Sound examples

Recorded in "line-in" directly with no any sound processing (except normalization).
Following gear was used for recording:
  • Electric guitar Ibanez RG3120TW (pickups: neck - DiMarzio PAF Pro, bridge - DiMarzio ToneZone);
  • Cables: hand-made, Tasker C285 1x0.50 Professional Noiseless Guitar Cable (2 m);
  • Subject: SansMarshall;
  • Sound card: M-Audio Delta-44 (mode: 24 bit, 44.1 kHz);
  • Sound control: Head-phones NADY QH560 (no good quality part);
  • Software: SoundForge v8.0 (normalization, cutting, bit-depth reducing);
  • Samples preparing: Lame v3.93 (MP3 encoding, 112kbps, mono);
Bypass mode (check out guitar voicing): "Crunch" (overdrive): "Rythm" (mid gain, BASS and Low-MID is up): "Lead" (hi gain, for soloing): Tone-control possibilities: Picking reproducing, nuances: Warning #1: it has been played "as I can", only for sound test - don't throw a tomatoes to me :)
Warning #2: most examples has been recorded with "muddy" pickup DiMarzio ToneZone.

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