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Denn's personal web page :: DIY Electronic Projects :: SLO-Recto-Twin back Rus

 How to cook the SLO-Recto-Twin at home. First step.

 Here is the circuit diagram.

It's a temporary version. Built on components of the old tube TV-set :)

tubes: 6N2P-EV (russian version of 12AX7)
capacitors: K73-15A (film, used)
cathode capacitors: HITANO, 1 uF x 50 V, non-polar
resistors: 0,5 & 2 Watt
anode voltage: DC 320 V, non-stabilized
heating voltage: DC 6.0 V, stabilized (simple stabilizer)

There's no adjustments and special screenings was used.

Common view



Power supply

Sound examples:

 Clean, break-up (split neck PU)

 Strat-like sound :) (split neck PU)

 Chords (neck PU)

 a bit of Crunch (split neck & split bridge PU's in parallel)

 Crunch (bridge PU)

 Rythm passages (bridge PU)

 Power Chords (bridge PU)

 Tapping on a bass strings; Intervals (bridge PU)

 Sustain, Voicing (neck PU)

 A lot of the Gain! (bridge PU)

Electric guitar Ibanez RG3120TW, neck pickup - DiMarzio PAF Pro, bridge pickup - DiMarzio ToneZone.
Recorded through speaker simulator into "line-in" directly. No any sound processing applied (except normalization and MP3-encoding).

 © 2008 Solovjov Denis Unauthorized copying prohibited !   For permission to copy or distribute, please contact me.
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